Saturday, December 24, 2005

I need some change....and my plan was shot to....

Earlier this week I was coming up with a "plan" to help my relationship with Kyle. Things felt like they were harder than it should be. I thought us going back to best friends would be easier than this. I love him and can't imagine us not being there for each other. I thought maybe drastic measures were needed - some time apart...not just no hanging anything! Drastic. I know. I had the speech all planned out and what I was going to tell him. I was pretty darn confident in this decision. But...I gave him his Christmas gift and we were able to work together on Wednesday. And it was GREAT. And he was himself, the Kyle I know. The Kyle I become friends with. The Kyle I fell for. So I pretty confident idea and decision was pretty shot to you know where. Then I told Sarah, I figured she would be all for it. Agree. Give me back the confidence I needed. Nope. Sarah is my reality check. She told me, if I am letting just one day and little bit of kindess in one day is effecting my plan there is no way I would be able to actually go through it. Plus I just wouldn't be able to do it anyways. She is right. Oh well. Thursday, ended up being great. Kyle and I got to work some more together just the two of us...and we worked with Pastor Jack as well and Pastor Dean popped in a few times to put in his 2 cents worth. Which was a lot of fun. And a lot of good laughs. I always enjoy group "projects" especially when its laid back. Then I took Kyle home that afternoon and we planned our movie afternoon. We decided to see the Family Stone (since his family wanted to see King Kong on Christmas - his family is definitly more important than us seeing the movie).

We had a lot of fun. It was easy. Normal Jennifer & Kyle. No complications. Just a movie. Just time as friends. Nothing messy. The movie was good. Not what I expected. But good. The new movie theatre is REALLY nice. He gave me my Christmas card and gift. Which was sweet, because he didnt have to do anything. I did tell him at the end of the evening that I was going to stop trying so hard, because I am the one who its making it harder than it should be. He told me not to sweat it. He is wonderful. He never lets anything get to him. I know me. And if I were him I would have run the other way a long time ago, but he doesnt. That makes him wonderful.

Well onto another topic.

I am kinda in need of some change. I am just bored. Usually when I get bored, I change my hair. Color. Cut. Something different and sometimes drastic. Honestly, I am happy with my hair. Perfect color and cut. I think I am in need of a wardrobe change. I've been overall happy with my style. I am trendy. Fashionable. And I have good taste. I think I am bored and my closet needs revamping. Something different. I don't want to be Gap cover girl. I have been filling my closet with almost everything Banana. I love their stuff. But I don't want to be a represent the Banana season catalog. Ya know? We shall see. A bit vain...sorry. I do have my priorities straight, its just I love fashion and looking put together at all times. Even if I am in just a track suit.


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